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Privacy Policy

Superb My Trip values the trust placed in us by our users and therefore, we follow the highest standards of Privacy policy to protect the information shared by them with us. We believe in following the privacy policy scrupulously and in maintaining complete confidentiality of the information provided by the clients. Simply visiting our web-site, customers need not give any personal details pertaining to them and they remain fully hidden.

When you register with us on for availing of any service, communicate with us, on our sites or applications, you agree to give your consent to use your personal information. The information which are shared by our clients are precisely used by us for providing requisite services to them.

Cookies Policy

We use cookies policies to serve our customers better and furnish them with personalized information regarding their preferences and recent activities. Information collected in this process is only used to serve the users better and improve our services for you. No personal information regarding your identity is collected in this process.

Personal information shared by clients and the way these are used by SuperbmyTrip:-

  • When customers do bookings or seek any service by signing up on web-site of SuperbmyTrip, following personal information of clients is gathered:-

  • Client’s Name, gender, address, age, marital status, religion, contact number, Email Id etc.

  • Service Usage: Client’s navigation information using our services, i.e., URLs of the websites which you visited and from where you requested downloads.

Requisition or Booking of Service by Clients :-

Client’s Name, gender, address, age, marital status, contact number, are provided to Vendors including airlines, hotels, transport services to do reservations/bookings for the clients or travelers.
Our privacy policies may change due to technological enhancement or other unforeseen circumstances. For regular updates, keeping checking our privacy policies.

Thank you for using SuperbMyTrip.

Intimation of Promotional Offers :- will update its Users for their benefits about special deals on travel packages, offers on air ticket, hotel bookings, bus bookings etc. as and when promotional rates are available by sending them emails or SMS messages on their mobile numbers. The said service is optional and it is up to the clients if they want to receive such messages, otherwise they can unsubscribe it.

Registeration as Member:-

In case you like to become our Registered Member on SuperbmyTrip then the information like name, gender, address, age, marital status, contact number, Email Id, a unique login user name, password are requested on the registration Form for following objectives :-
a) For complete reservations pertaining to travel;
b) recognition of the User
c) to get in touch with you for meeting your specific requirements;
d) for confirming your registration as new Member and each reservation you make;
e) for getting connected with you for the purpose of customer services;
f) for improving our product as well as services.

Evaluation and Feed Back :-

It is important to have viewpoints and inputs of clients. From time to time SuperbmyTrip carry on Evaluations and surveys and uses personal identification information requesting its regular clients for participation in it. These are conducted basically to know their view points and feed back about their experiences with us and to make improvements to our website, mobile app or other features to provide better services. It is optional for clients to give their feed backs. Evaluations participants remain anonymous.

Protecting sensitive information :-

Information about banking details(debit/credit cards) which are sensitive in nature are generally gathered by payment gateways and banks and not by . In case any of this information is stored on our site, it is not shared, remain secured and completely confidential .

Session data logging Automatically :-

Session Data of the users is recorded including browser language, IP address, OS, type of browser and the activities of the users on their device. Session data is normally collected for evaluating the behavious of users since it assist us to look for any issues with our servers and helps us in making improvements in our systems. With this information, visitor is not personally identifiable, only examine the users approximate geographic location.

Permissions sought while SuperbmyTrip mobile App installation :-

At the time of installation of SuperbmyTrip App on clients phone, an index appears for seeking permissions. These permissions are :

Device and App history :

Your device permission is required by us for gathering particulars like OS, name , version, network of mobile, language preference etc. etc. We maximise your travel reservations experience on the basis of inputs given by you.

Identity :-

With the said assent you permit us to get information of your account on your mobile device in order to mapping of email Ids of users automatically to give discounts, cash-back facilities, etc.

Location :-

By giving consent for this, you permit us to let you inform about the currently special offers available at your location. When you set in motion the SuperbmyTrip app for travel reservations, your location and city as well as airport near to your location is automatically get filled up. For international travel, It allow us to calculate your time zone and we are able to provide you relevant information.

Contacts :-

In case you allow us to access your Contacts, this will enable us to invite your relations and friends and offer them to try superbmyTrip app. We will recommend them various services related to travel. These details will be synchronized from your phone and will be stored on our server.

Device Id :

With this permission we are able to ascertain your Android ID and recollect our users perfectly. This also enable us to know your contact details and with this we auto-fill requisite details which ensures flawless reservation experience.


This consent permits us to place your travel plans on your calender. uses highly secured and advanced technology and follow privacy policy scrupulously. It keeps up-grading the data security measures from time to time. As a result, the information of our clients remain completely safe and secured.

Due to technological enhancement and unforeseen circumstances our privacy policy may change from time to time . It is, therefore, advisable to keep checking our website for regular updates in our privacy policy.

Thank You for using