Best Time to Visit BENGALURU

Here’s a monthly breakup of BENGALURU's climatic conditions so you can plan when to go:

Unlike other cities, the climate of Bangalore is neither too hot nor too cold. You can visit Bangalore at any time of the year, as the city maintains a pleasant climate throughout the year. However, the number of tourists visiting the city increases in winters. 

  1. Summer - March-May

Summer in Bangalore starts from the month of March and stays till May. The average temperature on a hot summer day in Bangalore ranges from 25℃ to 30 °C. The climate of Bangalore remains mild and moderate in Summers, hence tourists can enjoy all types of outdoor activities in this season as well. Even during the peak summer time, the temperature goes up to 33℃ only. Summer is the second busiest tourist month in Bangalore.     

  1. Winter - October-February

With the onset of October, the temperature starts dropping slowly in Bangalore. Sightseeing is more enjoyable in Bangalore in this season as the climate becomes very soothing. However, the city becomes more crowded at this time of the month because tourists prefer winters for traveling. Temperature of Bangalore at this time usually ranges between 20℃ to 30 °C. You can visit Kudremukh, Madikeri, Kemmangundi, Dharmasthala, Shravanabelagola, and Hampi for a more enjoyable trip. 

  1. Monsoon - June-September 

Monsoon in Bangalore starts in June and stays till September. With the downpour of water, the temperature starts dropping and humidity starts increasing in Bangalore. If you are traveling to Bangalore for tourism purpose, avoid these months. August and September experience the highest rainfall, and the problem of traffic jam is very common at this time. Several sites also remain close here during heavy rainfall.