Best Time to Visit AHMEDABAD

Here’s a monthly breakup of AHMEDABAD's climatic conditions so you can plan when to go:

The climate of Ahmedabad is divided into three main seasons:

Summer - March to August

Summer in Ahmedabad are extremely humid and dry, and the average temperature can easily go up to 45°C to 48°C. Summers can be sunny and extreme in Ahmedabad so, the visitors are recommended to avoid visiting this city between these months. However, if you are visiting the city in Summer, then don’t forget to carry light cotton clothes and a lot of sunscreen with you.  

Monsoon - July to October

Monsoon after the scorching heat makes the atmosphere of Ahmedabad much pleasant and bearable. Besides a gratifying weather, another thing that you can enjoy in Monsoon in Ahmedabad is great food. Boiled corn is one of the famous and lip-smacking dishes found in every street of Ahmedabad during the rainy season. Monsoon is an ideal time to visit Ahmedabad.

Winter - December to February  

If you want to explore the city of Ahmedabad, then winter is the best season for the same. During winters, the beauty and charm of this vibrant city is on different level. Out of many other attractions, Kite International Festival witness the major rush of tourists in the city.