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Why is Andaman Island Famous For Tourism?

Travel to Andaman in Any Season to Enjoy a Balmy Climate

Andaman has a rich history dating back to 800 BC. There you get a chance to explore the famous and best Islands in the world. The best thing that increases Andaman Tourism is its tropical climate, generally humid and warm.

There is no "Most Preferred Season" to visit Andaman Island. If you love nature and water activities, you can visit Andaman anytime to rejuvenate in beach activities like boating, snorkeling, parasailing, and many more.

This Article Will Detail:

  1. Things To Do In Andaman

  2. Places To Visit

  3. Way To Reach Andaman

Things To Do In Andaman

Water Activities/Beach Activities
  • Snorkeling:  The North Bay Beach and the Elephant Beach are some of the places that increase Andaman tourism among the lovers of snorkeling activity.


  • Watching Bioluminescence in HavelockIf stars attract you, then Andaman is the best destination for you to see a million stars in the dark seawater. Night kayaking gives you a unique experience of watching the rare and stunning tiny speckled stars and galaxies.

Watching Bioluminescence in Havelock

  • Scuba DivingThis thrilling but beautiful activity mesmerizes you to see the dark-deep mysteries of the underwater world.


  • Glass-Bottom Boat RideA Glass-bottom boat ride is best for those who cannot do any other water activity due to physical discomfort or medical reasons.


  • SwimmingAndaman is a beautiful and exciting city for water lovers. The mesmerizing beauty of blue water is the charm of swimming.



  • Dolphin Boat RideIt is similar to a glass-bottom boat ride. You can see the underwater marine life through a giant but strong glass boat.



  • Sea WalkingIt is fun walking around the sea, experiencing marine life, and allowing yourself to be free to feel the thrill and excitement.

Sea Walking

Adventurous Activities

  • Jet skiing, water scooter, sofa rideJet ski ride, water scooter, or sofa ride are the activities best for someone who always looks for thrill and excitement.

  • Banana Boat RideRiding a shaky banana boat at full speed is fun, but not for people with fragile hearts.

  • ParasailingParasailing is fun that allows feeling the pleasure of both air and water.

Places To Visit

Travelers find Andaman, a perfect destination in India to match all their traveler's requirements. Whether it is a solo, family, adventure, or honeymoon trip, Andaman Tourism has many things to offer to each segment of visitors.

Andaman tourism also gained popularity among people who plan trips for leisure and adventure in India.

1. Top 10 Attraction Places To Visit In Andaman

1. Ross Island - Fans of historical places must visit this Island, the first Kala Pani Jail.

2. Cellular Jail - This place gives a glimpse of the struggle of our freedom fighters.

3. Radhanagar Beach - A perfect scenery place to enjoy swimming.

4. Barren Island Volcano - The Island, with its active volcano, gives a different thrilling experience to travelers.

5. Jolly Buoy Island - The perfect Island with crystal clear water to enjoy the exotic corals and marine life.

6. Mahatama Gandhi Marine National Park - Home to beautiful coral reefs and colorful fishes and asafe place to do scuba diving.

7. Chidiya Tapu - Famous for birdwatching paradise and glorious sunset views.

8. Bharatpur Beach - A perfect beach with shallow water to experience rich marine life.

9. Elephant Beach - An ideal travel destination to enjoy water sports and activities.

10. Samudrika Marine Museum - An informative museum to enjoy history and marine life.

2. Popular Cities That Make Andaman Tourism High 

1. Port BlairFamous for historical Cellular Jail and picturesque islands like Corbyn's Cove, Wandoor, Ross Island, Viper Island, etc.


2. Baratang IslandFamous for its natural wonders like Limestone Caves and dense mangrove creeks.


3. DiglipurFamous for picturesque natural beauty and rare wildlife like turtle nesting and hatching.


4. RangatFamous among nature lovers, obsessed with the blue crusty sea waves and the gusty sea breeze.


3. 10 Popular Places To Visit In Andaman For Honeymoon

  1. Neil Island - Virgin BeachesPopular for crystal clear water, transparent enough to see the beautiful world of fishes and corals reefs.

  1. Little Andaman - Exquisite RetreatA popular place for the breeding of turtles like Olive Ridley turtles, Green Sea turtles, leatherback turtles, etc.

  1. North Bay Island - Colorful Coral ReefsA popular place for Scuba Diving and feeling the beautiful life of rich coral reefs.

  1. Kaala Pathar Beach - Cozy MomentsA popular destination for newly married couples for mesmerizing sunrise and sunsets.

  1. Barren Island - Experience SolitudePopular and India's only confirmed active volcano guarantees serenity at a divine level.

  1. Laxmanpur Beach - Picturesque ViewA popular place to see beautiful corals and shells and for the wide range of adventure sports.

  1. Sitapur Beach - A Sunrise SpotPopular as sunrise beach, best to enjoy the lovely sunrise early every morning.

  1. Munda Pahar Beach - Perfect Beach VacationPopular among visitors to witness the divine beauty of the sunset.

  1. Joggers Park - Romance Amidst NatureA popular place to experience nature and true peace.

  1. Indira Point - Colonial VibesPopular for magnificent red and white striped lighthouses.

Either you take a bus or ferry ride to travel from one famous place to the other popular one in Andaman your trip will be fascinating and memorable.

Let's move on to the most important topic, ways to reach Andaman.

Way To Reach Andaman

Have you ever got a chance to visit Andaman? If not, then you cannot imagine the beauty Andaman tourism offers.

Andaman is a part of the Indian subcontinent, and Indians can travel to Andaman with no requirement for a passport, visa, or any other permission.

But, the question is how to travel to Andaman? What is the best way to reach Andaman?

By Air

Port Blair is the capital of Andaman, and this wonderful city is well connected to mainland India by air and water.

Bangalore to Andaman flight, Chennai to Andaman flight, Vishakhapatnam to Andaman flight, and Kolkata to Andaman flight are the direct and the fastest and easiest ways to reach Andaman.

By Ship

On top of this, there are ships operated by the Indian Government from Vishakhapatnam, Kolkata, or Chennai to reach Andaman. Every month, approximately three to four sailing take place from Chennai and Kolkata to Andaman. But, the sail will take four days to reach Andaman from Kolkata or Chennai.

The flight option is the best and also the most economical one. It is also saving time and does not cost much.

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