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When Will India's International Flights Resumed & Why?

India's International Flights Resumed To Benefit Tourism, Hospitality & Airlines

On March 8, amid the decline of the Covid-19 cases, the civil aviation ministry declared to resume international flights from March 27.

Is This Not Good News?

Finally, after a gap of two years, India had resumed international flights on March 27.

The decision to ban international flights was vital to prevent the spread of contagious coronavirus. The two-year banned on international flights was started in March 2020 when the coronavirus had reached its peak in India.

Reacting to the development, Union Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia shared that this action is best to help India connect with the world.

With the responsibility to resume international flights to promote tourism, six Indian airlines and 60 foreign airlines have started arrangements to connect India with 63 countries.

Market leader IndiGo is going to operate 505 departures every week. On the other hand, the Tata Group-owned Air India has decided to depart 361 flights weekly.

According to the new summer schedule, which started on March 27 to October 29,  1,783 foreign airlines flights will operate weekly, while 1,466 Indian flights will depart every week.

India had resumed international flights to break the fear of Covid-19, restart tourism and life. But, the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare will continue to be followed by the airlines and passengers for international arrivals into India.

The new guidelines of the health ministry will make the flight cabin crews' life easier to serve the passengers freely. It is not that the international flight was closed at all. But some rules were made for the safety of the crew and passengers. Although, the rules were to prevent coronavirus spread. But it is not easy to wear a PPE kit all the time.


Now, as per new rules from the health ministry for airlines-

  1. No requirement to wear PPE kits

  2. No need to keep three seats vacant on flights for medical emergency purposes

  3. Wearing face masks and following social distancing are still mandatory

On top of this, Airlines will carry additional PPE kits, sanitizer, and N-95 masks for passengers and the crew to deal with any infection cases on air.

Now, Will the Resumption of International Flights Benefit the Airlines, Tourism, and Businesses?

What Are The Advantages Of Starting International Flights From India?

When everything seemed fine in December, the government had thought of starting international flights, but the second wave of infections spoiled everything. Now, India has declared to open the international gates for tourism and business and resumed scheduled international passenger flights.

  • Regular Flights will Boost International Capacity and Ease Airfares.

  • It is a Vital Step to Re-open Borders for Tourism.

  • It is a Cure for the Economic Recovery of the Tourism and Airline Sectors.

  • It is the Way India is Looking Forward to Connecting with People for Business.

  • The Announcement to Restart International Flights also Gives Hope to the Hospitality Industry, Which Faced the Hardest hit During the Pandemic.

  • India's Foreign Exchange Earning Hopes are High in the Tourism and Hospitality Sectors.

  • With International Flights, India's Vibrant Medical Tourism Industry will also Boost.

In a nutshell, restarting international flights will turn out the best for India until we follow the rules and regulations to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

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