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Types of Flight Tickets Available While Booking Flights Online

Air travel is an exciting prospect for many people who travel rarely and an everyday affair for those who travel regularly. Air travel was considered difficult few decades ago but today it is as easy as any other form of travel. Flight tickets can be either booked by using a travel agency or just simply through a credit card online. Some people who travel without prior planning simply go to the airport and book a ticket directly at the airport. But there is a wide choice on the type of tickets that can be purchased for an airline journey. The following are some of the types of airline tickets available with various airlines all over the world:

Types of Airline Tickets

Economy Class Tickets are the cheapest flight tickets available at most airlines all over the world. These tickets are available extensively as this is the most widely chosen air ticket class in comparison to another. Economy Class has seats in 3-3-3 configuration usually with two aisles between the seats. All seats have a smaller size than other classes but all the seats have a television screen placed on the back of every seat for the passenger sitting behind. There are standard seat belts; folding tables and some airlines also offer pillows. Flight ticket booking is easy for an economy class as there are plenty of cheap seats available at different airlines online.

Premium Economy Class Tickets


Most airlines also offer a premium economy class which is a step up from economy class travel and has more facilities and better seats. This is considered as a middle step between economy class and business class. The ticket rates are slightly higher than the economy class and the seats and leg space is also larger for each passenger. Premium economy has better entertainment options, better amenities, and services, priority boarding and check-in, in comparison to economy class. The amount of luggage that can be carried in premium economy is higher than that for people traveling in Economy Class.

Business Class Tickets


Business Class is an airline class and tickets for business class travel are much more expensive than economy class tickets and premium economy class tickets. Some airlines offer all business class options meaning all the seats in the plane are business class. Business class has much larger seats than economy class and they have options like recliner seats or even fully flat seats to sleep during the journey. Flight ticket booking can be done with airlines that have even cabin style business class seats. Business class has in-flight gourmet menu options, much better entertainment options than cheaper classes, more space, more facilities and amenities and also more privacy.

First Class Tickets


The ultimate luxurious option in commercial aviation is first class travel. There are very few first class seats on any plane with most airlines all over the world. The luxury level and amenities vary from airline to airline and some first class seats are like private luxury suites. Some of the amenities included in first-class travel include fancy linen, tableware, and cutlery. Most first class seats or suites come with a door for privacy and gourmet meals cooked by top chefs.  Chauffer service, complimentary care packages, a bar, the best entertainment facilities, amenity kits, and top of the line bathrooms with showers are all available for first class passengers. Passengers can use the luxurious first class lounges at airports but the only catch in all this is that the first class tickets are really expensive.

Flight ticket booking is easy and can be done online for all types of airline tickets mentioned above. Depending on the price points, most travelers purchase flight tickets but some chose them based on facilities if the price is not an issue.

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