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A Trip of the Tungnath Chandrashila Trek Experience

My Tungnath Chandrashila Trek Experience

The mountain-cover Tungnath Chandrashila trek with deodar backwoods gives a euphoric sense of freedom. Imagine yourself enjoying a morning hot tea in Tungnath Chandrashila and admiring the excellence of nature.

Tungnath Chandrashila trek can tempt you with its breathtaking picturesque view of the Majestic Himalayas with a lush green meadow. This beauty of nature, Tungnath Chandrashila, is situated in the Uttarakhand.Tungnath Trek

Adi Sankaracharya discovered Tungnath. It is one of the highest Shiva temples in the world and is about 1000 years old. The Tungnath is a 3.5 km trek that begins from Chopta in Uttarakhand. The Tungnath Temple trek comes on number three of all the Five (Panch) Kedar(S).

The places to see in Tungnath are the Temple and the Chandrashila peak, which provides a spectacular 360-degree view of the valleys.Tungnath Trek

I have recently visited this place with my dear friends, and we got so much pleasure. This blog is my Tungnath Chandrashila trek experience.

A Trip of the Tungnath Chandrashila Trek Experience

I have summed up my experiences in words to encourage you to plan your perfect trekking journey. I bought the Tungnath tour package and enjoyed my trip more peacefully.

Tungnath Trek

Best Things to do in Tungnath Chandrashila

Holidays are to experience a deviation from the monotonous routine. All places to see in Tungnath offer excursions. Here are some best activities I indulged in during my Tungnath trek.

  • The most preferred activity to indulge in Tungnath Chandrashila is trekking to see the temples and sightseeing destinations in Tungnath Chandrashilara, surrounded by mountains and scenic beauty. Their locals were so humble and helpful that they accompanied me to travel the magnificent mountains and thick forests of Tungnath.

    Tungnath Trek

  • When I was exploring Tungnath Chandrashilara, I visited some of the breathtaking temples there I got to know that was one of the pathways to the pilgrimage journey of the five Kedar(S).

  • Chopta is popular to set a peaceful camp and enjoy in relatively mesmerizing temperature and starry skies. This place was one of the best places that I had visited before. It gave me a peaceful break from the hassle of my city life. Chopta and Deoria Tal are the picturesque and perfect places to see and campaign on the Tungnath trek.

    Tungnath Trek

  • If you are a city dweller, witnessing wildlife would be your dream. Bird watching in Tungnath was an enriching experience for me. During my stay in Tungnath, I was fortunate to enjoy the presence of more than 200 species of birds there.

    Tungnath Trek

After this trip, I have made a promise to myself to travel a lot and indulge in such activities where I can feel mesmerized to the point of overflowing. I enjoyed my trip, explored a lot, and experienced such wonderful activities because I planned my trip with the best Tungnath tour packages. So now whenever I visit somewhere, I would like to take a tour package to get rid of the stress of booking flight tickets to hotels.

Note - Try to carry enough cash because there is no ATM in Chopta. You will get the ATM in Srinagar (Garhwal)/Rudraprayag/Agastmuni/ Ukhimath. Ukhimath is the last point where you will find an ATM.

Information on Base Camp in Tungnath Chandrashila Trek

The Chopta is the best place where my friends and I set our camps in Tungnath Chandrashila Trek. If you are fond of shimmering mountains, then Chopta is perfect for campaigning and adoring the beauty of sky, hills, sun, or birds.

Tungnath Trek

This non-commercial location will blow your mind away with its beautiful scenery and that too year-round.

Best Season to Get a Tungnath Tour Package

The best point about the Tungnath Chandrashilla trek is that the destination is open for trekking throughout the year. But if you want to feel the beauty of the Sun, see how the sunlight shines on the mountains and surprises your eyes during the summer season, then you must visit this place between March and June.

Tungnath Trek

Because it rains from June to September, you will not be able to trek on Tungnath. But from June to September, this place will make you aware of the slow wind and the beauty of the mountains touching a different height in the rain. So between June to September, you can plan your Tungnath journey to feel the light cold.

Tungnath Trek

Winter is the month when the place will give you an ideal trekking experience in the most beautiful way. After Diwali to Valentine's month, you can plan your Tungnath trek anytime to see its peak glory and enjoy the snow.

How to Reach the Tungnath Chandrashila Trek?

Haridwar is one of the best destinations to reach the Tungnath trek base camp. You can reach Haridwar from different locations through air, road, and rail. I booked a flight ticket from Delhi to Haridwar. From Haridwar, my travel agency helped me with a taxi to reach Chopta. Here are the travel options available to travel to Chopta to reach Tungnath.

  • By Air

When you take any Delhi to Tungnath tour packages, a flight from Delhi is the best and shortest way to travel to the trekking location. The closest airport is the jolly grant airport in Dehradun, 36 KM away from Haridwar. From the Haridwar airport, take a taxi to reach Chopta.

When you travel through a Tungnath tour package, you might not need to worry about travel bookings, accommodation, etc. The traveler will arrange everything for you to only focus on the beauty of the place rather than the flight bookings, taxi, etc.

  • By Train

The Haridwar junction railway station is the closest connection to reach your destination from Delhi. Your railway journey from Delhi to Haridwar takes anywhere between 4 to 8 hours.

It is your journey, then only you should think about how to go by bus, train or flight. But most travelers prefer to travel via a flight to save time and reach their destination quickly.

Things to Carry for Chandrashila Trek -
  • Carry a comfortable trekking boot(s)

  • Camp shoes for crossing rivers and for visiting Devariyatal

  • A pair of thick woolen socks will keep your legs warm and safe while trekking in the Himalayas

  • A thick winter jacket to keep yourself warm in the cold

  • Trekking Pants to stay comfortable while trekking

  • A woolen cap to save yourself from the biting cold

  • Sunscreem

  • A 2-liter water bottle

  • Trekking pole

  • A first aid box

  • A swiss knife

On trekking, take only the goods of need because the heavier your bag is, the more difficult it is for you to lift it.

Temple and the Chandrashila peak

Best Places to See in Tungnath and Around

Here are some of the serene locations around the Tungnath Chandrashila trek

  • When I reached Haridwar, I experienced why people call this place the land of spirituality

  • Deoria Tal is the perfect place to see a full 360-degree view of the Himalayas

  • Chandrashila is the summit of the entire mountain where Chopta and the Tungnath Temple are situated

  • Ukhimath is where Lord Shiva resides when Kedarnath remains closed in winter

These are the best places to see on the Tungnath trek. If you are planning to witness the breathtaking panoramic view of the great Himalayas, the experience of trekking, and admire the scenic beauty and attractiveness of the place, then have the best time. I recommend Superb My Trip, where I got a Tungnath tour package, which did not cost me a leg and an arm in money

So if you want to spend the summer, winter, or spring season holiday in the beauty of nature, then the Tungnath trek is perfect

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