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Love is in the air. And so are flights. This year, take your loved ones for a romantic stay in one of these 10 magnificent hotels in Europe. There is nothing better than a relaxing and calm vacation with your partner beside you. Europe provides you with a plethora of options all the way from serene sun kissed beaches to stunning Gothic castles. Stay in these beautiful hotels and learn to love again.

10. Hotel Sommer, Fussen, Germany


This amazing resort/hotel provides you marvelous views as well as first class service. The place is situated near the famed Neuschwanstein Castle, which was an inspiration for the Disney castle. Surrounded by mountains, by the side of a lake, this hotel has everything you need to have a great time with that special one.

9. Hotel Ranga, Hella, Iceland


This mind blowing hotel is situated right at the best spot to view the northern lights. While it is in a relaxed rural setting, the amenities and facilities will not make you feel so. An amazing place to spend with your significant other gazing at nature’s marvel.

8. Baglioni Hotel Luna, Venezia, Italy


Sculpted in traditional Italian architecture, this hotel gives you the best of both worlds. You feel like an Italian Renaissance painter in the halls of this hotel. And what better place to be with your love than Venice, Italy?

7. The Peninsula, Paris, France


Is it possible that any European list be complete without Paris? Especially when it comes to romance, no. The Peninsula is a grand hotel in the heart of the French capital over viewing the Eiffel Tower itself. With facilities that compare to no other, it sure is a treat to be here.

6. The Landmark, London, United Kingdom


The Landmark is truly a landmark in itself. With an old castle like structure, it gives you the best of medieval Europe feels while providing you with the best modern amenities. Your travel becomes all the more amazing with a stay here which balances perfectly with London’s busy life.

5. Hotel De Orangerie, Brugge, Belgium


With beautiful architecture, and an amazing location, this hotel gives you all the warmth you need for a romantic stay. Brugges is one the most gorgeous cities in Europe, and the stay at this hotel makes it all the better.

4. Inverlochy Castle Hotel, Scotland


This less of a hotel, more of a castle is just the ideal place for the most romantic stay. Surrounded by mountains and meadows, it gives the raw taste of Scotland’s immense beauty. You will not regret staying here and feeling like a king.

3. Creuza de Ma, Cinque Terre, Italy


This hotel, perched on a cliff is the absolute gorgeous European retreat. Sit in the balconies for hours with a 180 degree sea view. The blue waters and sunny weather are a cherry on top. The life glistens in the city at night just as magnificently. Stay here to forget all your blues.

2. Bürgenstock Resort, Switzerland


Let the cold Swiss winds caress you and your partner at this splendid resort. With a huge area full of facilities you may need, this resort is the ultimate romantic stay. The chilly weather just adds on to the romance giving you all the more reasons to stay closer.

1. Iconic Santorini, Santorini, Greece


There is no other place that spells romance as vividly as Santorini. The whitewashed city is a sight to behold and marvel at with your loved one. Make your trip much more special by staying at the Iconic. A truly splendid hotel, it gives you the views and luxury you’d dream of.

 So don’t think twice. Book your hotels today and surprise your partner with a trip to one of these 10 amazing stays in a hotel. Happy Holidays!

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