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Srinagar - Heaven on Earth for Tourists

Srinagar is the summer capital of the state of Jammu and Kashmir and is located in the Kashmir Valley. The Kashmir region of India is usually known as heaven on earth because of its breathtaking natural beauty, magnificent snowcapped mountains, beautiful greenery, lakes, and rolling hills making it a beautiful tourist destination. Srinagar is a tourist attraction for people from India and all over the world and the experience visiting this city is truly unique. Srinagar has a special cuisine and culture that helps tourism to be a major industry in the city.

Top Tourist Destinations in Srinagar


The top tourist destination in Srinagar for tourists to visit is Dal Lake which freezes in the winter. Dal Lake is known for its famous houseboats where tourists stay and enjoy the beautiful locales of the lake. The Shikara rides on Dal Lake are extraordinarily beautiful. There are many lakes in and around Srinagar like Wular Lake, Manasbal Lake, and Nigeen Lake. The Mughal Gardens in Srinagar are very famous and are a group of gardens with beautiful Persian architecture and are built by the Mughals. The Chasma Shahi Gardens, The royal fascinating fountains, The Nishat Bagh, Shalimar Bagh, and the Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Botanical Gardens, the Sher Garhi Palace, and Gulab Bhavan are worth visiting. Srinagar holiday packages also include the shopping area of Lal Chowk, Zero Bridge, Zabarwan Park, and Hari Parbat Fort which are great tourist destinations.

Cultural Tourist Destinations in Srinagar


Srinagar has cultural significance for Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs as it has a very ancient history. The Shankaracharya Temple is a famous temple in Srinagar and the Kheer Bhawani Temple are major Hindu temples in the city. Tourists also visit the Hazratbal Shrine, the Jamia Masjid mosque; the Badam Wari Path, Aali Mosque,Khanqah-e-Moula, and the Pathar Mosque are all popular with tourists. There are many beautiful Gurudwaras in Srinagar.The Polo View Road is an excellent place to shop in Srinagar. The Floating Vegetable Market isalso a great place to visit for tourists. The Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden is truly breathtaking and the Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary showcases the natural beauty of the region. The famous Mar Canal is a beautiful canal that runs through the old city in Srinagar and is a great tourist attraction.

Climate of Srinagar


Srinagar holiday packages are usually decided by tourists based on weather. Srinagar is located near the banks of River Jhelumand is known as the Venice of the East because of the beautiful lakes in the city. Srinagar has subtropical humid climate and it receives a lot of snowfall in the winter as it is a highland city with wet weather in spring and dry weather in the fall. The average high temperature in the summer months can go up to 30 degrees Celsius and in winter there can be a lot of snowfall with temperature passing minus ten degrees Celsius at times.

Best Time to Visit Srinagar


Srinagar has a very warm summer, so to truly enjoy the cool hill station vibes of the city, the summer months of April to June are not ideal to visit. October to March is an ideal time to visit Srinagar as the temperature is cool and tourists can enjoy the snowfall and the beautiful wintery weather of the region.

Srinagar is located in the Kashmir Valley and has more than a million residents. It is truly heaven on earth and has a good tourist infrastructure as tourism brings a lot of revenue to the city. It is an ideal tourist destination for domestic tourists to enjoy snowy cities and for international tourists to experience the beautiful natural landscapes and culture of the region.

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