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Shimla- A Top Hill Station Tourist Destination in India

Shimla is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh and the top hill station for tourists to visit in India. Shimla is located in the foothills of the magnificent Himalayas which are the highest mountain range in the world. Shimla has had an interesting colonial history as it was a top destination for officers of the British Raj to escape to during the heat of the Indian summers. At one point Shimla was regarded as the summer capital of India. Today it is a modern Indian city which has a very good tourist infrastructure as it welcomes millions of tourists every year. The following are details about the famous hill station of Shimla in India:

Main City Center of Shimla

There are various tourist destinations in Shimla and neighboring areas for the tourists to visit. Shimla hotel booking has to be done some time in advance because this is a popular tourist destination in India. Some of the best places in the city are The Mall and The Ridge which are termed as the city center and most historical and government buildings are in this area. This area is also a major shopping destination in the city. This place is a walking area in the city and vehicles other than emergency services are banned in this area. Restaurants, post offices, tourist offices, bars, banks, and clubs are all part of this area making it a major tourist hub in the city.

Other Major Tourist Destinations in Shimla


There are many types of tourist hotspots in Shimla that are popular with the visitor in this city. Some of the best places to visit include Christ Church, Jakhoo Hill, Jakhoo Ropeway, Shimla State Museum, and Summer Hill. The Annandale racecourse, the Chail Summer Retreat, and the Rashtrapati Niwas are top tourist destinations. Other tourist destinations include Scandal Point, Gorton Castle, Chadwick Falls, and Shimla Heritage Museum and Town Hall.

Best Time to Visit & Weather


The average temperature high in the summer is in the early 20s degrees Celsius and the low temperature is below freezing in the winter. It can rain all year round and snowfall is common in the winter especially in the months of December and January. There is high rainfall in the monsoon season and it is a good idea for tourists to avoid the monsoon season. October to March is the best time to visit and the winter months are perfect for tourists who want to enjoy snowfall. April to June is a great time to visit and Shimla hotel booking at this time is difficult to get because of the popularity of this hill station in the summer.

Transport options & Tourist Infrastructure

There are very good hotels and resorts in Shimla that cater to the needs of different types of tourists. From camping sites in the neighboring hills to five-star luxury accommodations, Shimla has it all. It is very easy to get to Shimla for tourists looking to visit the hill station. The Kalka Shimla toy train connects Shimla by railway to the rest of the country. The National Highway connects Shimla to all the major towns and cities in India. The Shimla Airport connects Shimla by air to the rest of the world. Shimla depends on tourism for revenue and it has a solid tourist infrastructure.

Shimla is a great city in India and is one of the best tourist destinations in the country. This place has been blessed with natural beauty and beautiful ancient culture and fabulous cuisine. Shimla is the best place to visit to escape the harsh summers in India and a good place to see the snowfall in the winter making it an ideal tourist destination.

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