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Top 18 Unusual and Mysterious Places in India

Mysterious Places in India

You must have heard people saying that India is full of wonders and mysteries, or people consider it a land of mystery. Well, undoubtedly, it is true. India surely has multiple secrets buried deep in its most unusual of places that either leave people in surprise or wide-eyed with freak or amazement whenever they go to know about it. 


From the Hanging Pillar at Lepakshi to the Lake of Skeletons at Chamoli, India is a hub or home to the most strange or unusual of places. If you are also interested in knowing such mysterious places in India, you are on the right track. We have listed some of the mysterious destinations in India here to give you a glimpse of India's wonders. 

18 Mysterious Places in India 

Aren't you excited to know the different places filled with mystery and surprises? Anyone will get it, as it sounds so interesting and informative. Considering towns, temples, and hills, only your creative imagination can run wild about these prominent and unique destinations. So, without waiting for another second, let's get into the listed mysterious places in India. So, read and decide which place excites you and plan your next tour accordingly. 

1. The Mini Desert at Talakad 

The mini desert is situated on the boundary of river Kaveri, in the Chamarajanagr district of Karnataka, lies a village buried deep inside the sand. Moreover, Talakad is considered home to around 30 temples once, out of which 5 Lingarms show the five faces of Lord Shiva. 


Mystery Behind It: It is the faith of the people that a widowed pilgrim of Lord Shiva had once cursed the land, after which the entire village turned into this unusual desert and a mysterious place in India, exactly where the Kaveri river secretly converts into a swirling whirlpool. 


2. Levitating Stone At Shivapur 


The shrine of Hazrat Qamar Ali Darcesh is no strange shrine. Plus, it is included among the mystery places in India and is popular for that one special rock that weighs around 70 kg and can only be lifted in one mode. 


Mystery Behind It: In order to lift that rock up, approx 11 people are required to gather around it, touch it with forefingers, and then loudly call out the name of the saint who cursed it. After doing so, make the movement in that stone and raise it up in the air magically. In addition, the stone cannot be lifted by any other medium, despite the fact that it is strong. 

3. Door-Deprived Houses of Shani Shignapur 

Sahni Shingnapur is a small village situated approximately 35 Km far from Ahmednagar and is well-known for its Shani temple. However, that is only some of what is popular about this village. Furthermore, it is also one of the most mysterious places in India. 


  • Mystery Behind It: The amazing fact about this village is no houses, schools, and commercial buildings have a door or a door frame. Even after that, the crime rate in the village is zero. The reason behind doing such a thing could be the faith of the people in Lord Shani. 


4. The Tale of Twins At Kodinhi 

The tremendous phenomenon related to this normal village in Malappuram, Kerala, is the spectacularly massive number of twin births that it experiences. Kodingi is also famous as the village of twins as it has a notable place among the mysterious places in India. 

  • Mystery Behind It: If you ever visit the village, you will start seeing doubles of almost everyone. This village is presently home to around more than 200 pairs of twins and around two sets of triplets. And this is not it! Kodinhi's women, who are married to anyone outside the village, also end up giving birth to twins or triplets. 

5. The Hanging Pillar at Lepakshi 

Lepakshi is famous for its painting and architecture and is also considered one of the important archaeological and historical sites in India. This temple offered to Lord Shiva, is one of the most mysterious places in India. Owing to its popular floating pillar. 

  • Mystery Behind It: There are 70 pillars at the site. Out of those pillars, one is hanging in mid-air; that is, it exists without any support. Plus, people visit the temple and pass things or objects under the pillar in faith that it will bring prosperity to their lives. They believe that it is another of the multiple genius tricks the temple builders of the old were capable of. 

6. The E.T. Inhabited Kongka La Pass, Ladakh 

At a set-up of around 16,970 feet, the Kongka La Pass is among the least accessed places present in India, owing to the fact that it is a clashing boundary between India and China. However, there are other factors besides categorising it in the list of mysterious places in India. 

  • Mystery Behind It: Many numbers of UFOs and unusual figures of humanoids have been spotted there, based on many reports. Moreover, the locals believed that the place was a hub for aliens. 

7. The Red Rain at Idukki 

Despite the place rich in the natural splendour of the Western Ghats, a wide forest reserve, and the tempting coastal curry Idukki, or the Red region, is also well-known as one of the most mysterious places in India. 

  • Mystery Behind It: The rain red in colour at Idukki primarily fell on 25th July 2001 and occasionally happened for two months, staining buildings and clothes as it poured. Furthermore, this blood-red downpour, when gathered by the locals, changes into clean water with res particles settled at the bottom. 

  • After much research or analysis, they declare that all the red particles are airborne spores of the locally developing alga in the region. 

8. The Place of Suicidal Birds in Jatinga 

Jatinga is another attractive little village in Assam. The village experiences an unusual yet sad incident each monsoon. This unique happening makes this village the most mysterious destination in India. 

  • Mystery Behind It: During foggy and dark nights of monsoons, migratory birds flying over the village head into poles, trees, buildings, and what nots, leading to death. In addition, it is among those mysterious places in India that changes into a land of extensive bird suicide each year during the month of September and October. 

9. The Holy Rat Infested Karni Mata Temple 

The Karni Mata temple is the most visited holy place, but a bit mysterious, located in Rajasthan, India. The temple is considered home to more than 20,000 rats. It may sound offensive, but one is not permitted to hurt, kill, or even scare those rats away. 

  • Mystery Behind It: The Kabbas, or rats, as they are called there, are known to be massively favourable, are worshipped, and protected. Therefore, they hold more value or importance than the humans visiting there. 

  • The locals believe that the rats are the reincarnation of the family and relatives of Karni Mata. Plus, the unique white mice at the location are known to be her sons. 

10. The Gravity Defying Palace at Lucknow 

A remarkable creation of the 18th century, Bara Imambara, with a mixture of European and Arabic architecture, is one of India's most mysterious historical places. 

  • Mystery Behind It: This monument has a central arches hall which is around 50 metres long and about three stories high; however, without any pillars or beams supporting it. The main hall has its uniqueness and is popular for its rare interlocking brick structure and the Bhulbhulaiya, a dense maze. 

11. The Enduring Flame of Jawala Ji Temple, Kangra 

Jawal ji is a well-known pilgrimage in the lower part of the Himalayas in Kangra district, typical of other Jwala ji holy places in India. 

  • Mystery Behind It: The holy place has a central pir of hollowed stone, which holds a flame that has been burning continuously for over 100 years. 

  • Moreover, the flame is burning off a supply of natural gases such as methane under its surface. 

12. The Floating Temples of Rameshwaram 

As we all know, India has many states, which have various places filled with miracles and mysterious facts. Rameshwaram is one of them, which has immense importance in Hindu mythology, as it is the destination where, based on Ramayana, Lord Rama's Vanara Sena constructed a bridge of floating stones to reach Sri Lanka. However, there is something else related to the bridge, making it one of India's most mysterious places. 

  • Mystery Behind It: Bases in Ramayana, the bridge was constructed that would stay afloat once the name of Lord Rama was scratched on it. And it turned out to be just a story. The bridge was, in reality, made up of such stones, as they are still found around here and are a prominent tourist attraction there. 

13. The Ghost Lights of West Bengal

The marshes of West Bengal can become spooky in the dark. However, there is one element that really freaks out fishermen there. 

  • Mystery Behind It: There have been various sightings of unnatural glowing lights of multiple colours hovering over the marshes available in West Bengal. The term has been denoted as Aleya lights for multiple years now; these lights are an epithet for the fishermen, as they normally conclude confusing them and would lose their path. In different cases noticed till now, multiple fishermen have even lost their lives because of these unusual lights. All these marshes are a few of the most strange places in India due to this inexplicable factor. 

14. The Visa God of Chilkur

Are you fed up with trying countless times for a U.S. visa? Then, you do not need to worry now; visit the Balaji temple located in Chilkur, Hyderabad, and Lord Balaji will help you or grant you the visa. 

  • Mystery Behind It: Despite whether the person is poor or the elite, you will find every type of person here bowing in front of the Visa God and begging for a visa. But that is not the strange part. The reality is that they soon end up receiving one os, and this has put the temple on the list of mysterious locations in India. 

15. The Lake of Skeleton At Chamoli 

Roopkund Lake is a well-known glacier lake situated at a height of around 16,500 feet in the most God-forsaken destinations in the Himalayas. However, it is a dangerous and remote place that has got nothing to do with the despair and gloom connected with the Lake. It is what comes beneath it that thrills the people, and they are scared of this place.

  • Mystery Behind It: Approximately 300-600 skeletons can be examined beneath the surface of the frozen Roopkund Lake each year whenever the ice melts there. Moreover, all the forensics dates and radiocarbon tests of the corpses return to the 15th century A.D. 

  • The people living there believe that the corpses are related to the then queen and king of Kanauj, who was heading on a pilgrimage and had fallen into the Lake because of a severe hailstorm and ended up dying. 

16. The Temple of the Bullet Baba, Rajasthan 

A very popular temple in Rajasthan is considered a safeguard for all travellers. But the unique factor about the temple is that people do not worship the strange figurines of God and Goddesses here. Rather they worship motorcycles.


  • Mystery Behind It: A man called Om Singh Rathore, or Om Banna, has died at this location in a serious accident while heading back home on his bullet. What happened next was several unexpected happenings wherein the police would remove the bike, leave it with an empty fuel tank, and bind it in chains. However, it would return to a similar spot before daybreak every time! Whenever the respective authorities gave up, the locals constructed a temple around this bike, which is now included among the most mysterious locations in India due to the story behind it. 


17. The Abandoned Village of Kuldhara 

Once, the village was civilised by Paliwal Brahmins; now, it was nothing more than a desolate land with empty houses, old temples, broken structures, etc. Still, it is known as one of the best places to explore in Jaisalmer. 


  • Mystery Behind It: Around two centuries ago, more than 1,500 Paliwal Brahmins took off from the village, Overnight. From that time, no one has been able to settle here, and it is now amongst the destroyed places in India. Those who had even tried to settle there are followed away at a single;e night by paranormal activities. All the visitors who go inside the village encounter an unusual feeling the moment they step there. 

  • The rightful locals of Kuldhara left a curse on the village that no one would ever be capable of civilization here after them. 


18. Lunar Crater Lake, Maharashtra 

Lonar is a famous village situated approximately 140 Km far from Aurangabad. It is home to a massively notable meteor impact crater. 

  • Mystery Behind It: Known as the only hyper-velocity impact crater in basaltic rock in the whole world, it includes a lake inside it that is saline and alkaline at a similar time. 

  • Moreover, to add to the science fiction factors, people have yet to learn the path of perennial springs that feed the Lake and what hides at its gloomy bottom. Plus, any compasses do not work in different parts of the Lake, and somehow, the unusual chemical composition of its water supports multiple microorganisms that are barely found in different locations on the earth.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Which are the most mysterious places in Uttarakhand, India? 

Uttarakhand is also often known as a natural and beautiful part of the country. Amongst that, one of the most beautiful yet mysterious places there is Pari Tibb. Listed in the literature of Ruskin Bond, it is considered a paranormal sport that is trackable to lightning strikes. Many legends believe that the place is the home to the souls of lovers who died there due to a dreadful lightning strike. 


Are there any mysterious places in Delhi?

Definitely, yes, likewise some other places in India, Delhi also has many haunted places. Delhi is safe to visit, and you can explore various things. However, it has many mysterious places like Sanjay Van, Lothian Cemetery, Choir Minar, Agrasen ki Baoli, Mutiny House, Malcha Mahal, etc. 


What are the reasons behind India having multiple spooky places? 

India is very popular as it has mysterious traditions and gods. Many of those traditions are fantastic, and some of them are extensively unique. They add to the spooky level and modify them with full horror. Some other reasons include India being a big land where almost everything is available- snowfalls, rivers, hills, valleys, forests, etc. These types of destinations are fond of attracting abnormal happenings from the past.


Which are the abandoned places in India? 

There are many abandoned places in India. Some of them are as listed here: 

  • Bhangarh in Rajasthan

  • Chikan in Ladakh

  • Kuldhara in Rajasthan

  • Shettihalli Church in Hassan

  • Ross Island in Andaman 

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