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My Holy Land Tour Experience with SuperbMyTrip

An Experience About My Recent Pilgrimage Tour 

The Holy Land Islamic tour was my first Pilgrimage to Jordan, Israel, Palestine, and Egypt. The SuperbMyTrip team organised our holy land tour systematically and within our budgets. It was a 12 days tour, which we planned and started from Hyderabad as pilgrims for religious and spiritual fulfilment. 

The travel agency arranged a tour guide for the tour. The guide shared the Islamic connection with every place we visited during our holy land tour. 

It was our first pilgrimage to the holy land tour, so we were unaware of the place where we were going, so we got our journey planned by SuperbMyTrip. We stayed in three-star hotels on Superbmytrip's Holy Land tour package, and they arranged transportation for us. 

Our tour experience was so fulfilling and peaceful to our souls that we will plan a pilgrimage tour again with the SuperbMyTrip team. 

Here is our Holy Land Tour 11 Nights and 12 Days Itinerary! 

Day 1 - 

Departure From Hyderabad International Airport 

We pilgrims reached AMMAN airport, met the best tour and travel agency, SuperbMyTrip assistant at the airport, completed all the emigration formalities and checked in at a three-star hotel in Jordan. After having a delicious meal, our Jordan guide takes us to Mount Nebo- Promised Land of Moosa, then enjoys a perfect dinner at a Cafe EUR and stays overnight in Amman.

Day 02 -

We started the second day as per our holy land tour package with a lovely breakfast. Then with the transportation provided by the travel agency, we visited Al kark (Mutah Battle Field) and Makam Jafer bin Abu thalib, said bin Harissa, Abdullah bin Rabah to Petra and had a delicious dinner, and stayed overnight in Amman.


Day 03 - 

We had a delicious and healthy breakfast, then visited Nabi Shuaib, Yushah Prophet, and in Seven Sleepers Cave (Al Kahf) Israel border. Then with our Israel Agent, we visited Jericho and  Masjid Aksa for Prayer. After prayer in Masjid Aksa, we slept in Bethlehem.

Day 04 - 

We ate our breakfast and started day four from Al Aksa Mosque, Wailing Wall, Kubbathu Sakra, Burqa Masjid, tombs of Prophet Ibrahim, Prophet Isaaq, Prophet Younistomb Tomb of Salman Farisi, and Mount olive Rabiyathul Arabiya. Then after lunch, we visited Tel Aviv, Jaffa Beach, and Luddh airport, stayed overnight in Bethlehem, and enjoyed a lovely dinner. 

Day 05 - 

SuperbMyTrip travel agency's holy land tour package booked a perfect hotel for us, where hospitality and three-time meals were phenomenal. On day 5, after breakfast, we visited Hebron, Bethlehem, Mount olive, the Church of Nativity, the birthplace of Eisa, Masjid Umer Farook, etc., then stayed overnight in Bethlehem. 

Day 06 - 

The hospitality that we have availed of in the hotel was phenomenal. Every day, we enjoyed delicious and peaceful meals. On day 6 of our holy land trip, we had breakfast, then visited the Taba border, Prophet Moses' tomb, the view of Qumran Eilat Lut's wife, and the Dead Sea, then to Taba Border by seeing Red sea-Egypt. After Arrival in Egypt, with the help of the SuperbMyTrip tour guide, we completed all the necessary emigration procedures, checked into a hotel in Taba, and stayed overnight at Taba Border Terminal. 

Day 07 - 

After enjoying a lovely breakfast, we began our day from Sinai to visit the Mount of Prophet Moosa, which was the place where ALLAH Speaks to Moosa. On the same day, we visited St. Catharine Monastery, a burning bush, Sinai Valley, Prophet Haroon's tomb, and a statue of barakah on the rock. Then we visited Sharm el Sheikh, and after lunch, enjoyed the Red Sea in the resort and stayed overnight in Sharm el Sheikh. 

Day 08 - 

We enjoyed the Glass Boat in Sharm el Sheikh, then to Cairo, on the way to Oyon Moosa, through the Suez Canal tunnel, we viewed the Suez Canal, and reached Cairo and stayed there overnight. 


Day 09 - 

We visited Pyramids & Sphinx - Egyptian Museum, Mohamed Ali Mosque, and Al Azhar University (outside). Then we enjoyed Boat Sail on River Nile and Dinner on Board. Then stay overnight in Cairo.

Day 10 -

We proceed to Alexandria and reach Alexandria by noon, Marriott Lake. On the way, we visited the tomb of Imam Boosari, Abul Abbas al Mursi MASJID, Mediterranean Sea, Alexandria University Library and visited Prophet Daniel and Lukmanul Hakeem. We visited Catacomb, then went back to Cairo Hotel Dinner and stayed overnight in Cairo. 

Day 11 -

After breakfast, we visited Al Fayoom and Karoon Lake. Then we returned to Cairo and continued to visit Cairo. Imam Shafi tomb, Amru bin Assi masjid, Khan kalil old market Nafeesathul Misriya, Al Azhar hotel.

Day 12 -

We check out from the hotel before 11 and visit the traditional markets in the city, then take a flight from Cairo International Airport. 

It was the 12-day itinerary of our holy land pilgrimage tour. A pilgrimage is a way to escape and rest from a monotonous routine. Going on a pilgrimage tour is as crucial as doing something that feels right to conquer your troubles, problems, and other insecurities. 

Going on a religious pilgrimage is like detoxing your mind, removing thoughts from your head that block your optimistic thinking. The amazing fact about the holy land tour is that it gives religious fulfilment and repents for their sins in the most peaceful way possible. We visit the places where the creator of the universe and his prophet spent some of their precious time and preached the gruelling path to get forgiveness for their sins.

If you also want to enjoy the Holy Land Tour without hassle like us, then definitely enjoy the package of SuperMyTrip. We had fun with a lot of comfort on our holy land trip.


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