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Malaysia - where wonder meets land, Vibrant & Energetic

From the thick urban wilderness of Kuala Lumpur to the flawless shorelines of the Perhentian Islands to the wildernesses in the inside to the tasty Cusine, Malaysia has a lot to offer explorers. Malaysia is a fantastic destination from Pre-wedding gatherings to Honeymoon Destination. From Beaches, culture, wildlife, Great food its a wonderful destination to make your honeymoon special.

Best places to visit in Malaysia :



From picture-perfect beaches to world's Iconic Structures, Malaysia gives a treat for your eyes. Malaysia is home to dense rainforests, beautiful beaches, and manicured tea gardens. There are many places to visit, Redang Island - famous for Beaches, Perhentian Island - famous for picture-perfect landscapes & water games. Cameron Highlands - is one of the coldest places in Malaysia, You can go for trekking through strawberry farms & reach the tea gardens. Taman Negara National Park – 113 million-year-old tropical rainforest. Borneo is the 3rd largest island in the world with the most diverse rainforest with unlimited wildlife & tribal people[Sarawak]. Malacia is one of the old towns in Malaysia, where you can find the pretty, cultural old town. It's famous for Night market for Food and handicrafts. China town is another area to visit. Red Square is the end of Jonker street, full of colonial roots. Kuala Lumpur - Capital city of Malaysia & famous for World's iconic structures. When you book your Malaysia Honeymoon package, you can choose the packages based on your priority choices like Beaches, Islands, complete Malaysia.

Food & Culture of Malaysia :



Malaysia is mainly is of almost all cultures of Middle East Asia. You can find Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism & Christianity. That's why it called as "Truly Asia". The major languages in Malaysia are English, Mala & Tamil. You can visit Sarawak Cultural Village to check out the art & culture of Malaysia. When it come to Cusine, Malaysia gives the best seafood. You want to try the true taste of Malaysia, you need to head out to the local food joints. Also, visit the street food. It's Unique, delicious & Pocket-friendly.

Shopping & Accommodation :



Malaysia, Just google it Malaysia Hotel booking, you can find all types of Hotels including budget-friendly Hotels to 5 Star Restaurants. It offers all kind of accommodation including hotels, world-class resorts, star Hotels, Private room in hostel depends on your Budget. You can find a lot of luxury spas making it a romantic & relaxing destination. Hotel booking in Malaysia is also easy online or you can find the travel agents also. Malaysia is famous for Shopping. Head out to the local stores or streets instead of Malls. You can get the Handicrafts, Clothes & jewelry. There are so many shopping streets where you can shop without burning your pocket.

Best time to visit :



Malaysia is as tropical as you can get. Temperatures and humidity stay high throughout the entire year. September-October on the West Coast you can find the heavy downpour, November to February ( the North-East Monsoon) on the East Coast. The East Coast has all the more a cooling breeze than the West. Overall, the best time to visit is from March to early November when it's drier and less moist.

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