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Badrinath and Kedarnath Yatra - 7 Days Itinerary of a Devotee

My experience of Badrinath and Kedarnath Yatra

Till I did not visit two of the four Dhams (Char Dham) - Badrinath and Kedarnath Yatra, I did not know how much power there is in the Devotion. It was my first trip, and I completed the Kedarnath trek distance at the right time without any obstacles. I was immersed in the Bhagati (Devotion), absorbing the Kedarnath trek experience, and completed my Badrinath and Kedarnath Yatra in the company of stunning mountains, rivers, greenery, and nature.

There is something in the Himalayas, or I will say it about the Himalayas. I always wonder who has walked through these mountains and what was his purpose? Did he achieve something?

When I had planned for Do Dham Yatra to visit Badrinath and Kedarnath temples, I had simple and smooth ways to begin and end my trip with the one superb Char Dham Yatra Package of SuperbMyTrip. I completed my Kedarnath trek distance very easily, with facilities.

But, I wonder that thousands of years ago, people crossed these beautiful mountains when there were no roads.

In this blog, I have briefly described my travels to Badrinath and Kedarnath temples.


Itinerary of a Devotee - Badrinath and Kedarnath Yatra

Day 1 - DELHI to HARIDWAR - By Bus 205 KM

I began my devotional journey by landing my foot on the holy place of Haridwar, located in Uttarakhand. A history connected to this pilgrimage place is that Suryavanshi prince Bhagirath saved his ancestors' souls in Haridwar, and Mother River Ganga lives in Haridwar. Like the many devotees, I took the blessings of Mother River Ganga and started my onward journey.

Day 2 - HARIDWAR – GUPTKASHI - By Bus 223 KM

I took the bus early in the morning from Haridwar to Guptkashi. After checking in at the hotel, I visited Kashi Vishwanath Temple and explored the beautiful surroundings.

This place is a beauty situated within the Mandakini river valley in the Northern Himalayan range and has the blessings of lords in the form of a salubrious climate. I witnessed the mesmerizing views of the snow-covered Chaukhamba peak during the morning hours.

Day 3 - GUPTKASHI to SONPRAYAG to KEDARNATH - By Bus - 27 KMS and 19 KMS Trek

I boarded a bus early in the morning from Guptkashi to Sonprayag because I wanted to trek to Kedarnath to watch the tall snow-covered mountains.

When I reached Kedarnath Temple, I felt the house of Shankar Dev, and God was waiting when his devotee will come. There is a saying that - God Shiva waits for his devotee with as much passion as the devotee wait to meet God.

The beautiful statue of the Nandi Bull standing outside the temple is like a guard of devotion, the pillar, and representative of all devotees and is here to welcome them.


After the holy Darshan of Kedarnath, on the same day, I trekked down to Sonprayag, took a bus toward Rudraprayag, and checked in at Hotel. Sonprayag trek was a beautiful experience. Yes, I felt scared, but the people and the views were so much fun that I crossed the track without obstacles. This experience was very new for me, walking down the mountains and road, walking down the hills as if with Sun, we were hiding behind the mountains.


I took a bus early in the morning, and along the route, I visited Shri Narshing Temple at Joshimath, Adi Shankracharya Math, and Sri Badrinath. I checked in at Hotel, and in the evening, I visited Mana Village, Byas Gufa, Bheem Pul, Saraswati River, and Ganesh Temple, attended evening Pooja at Sri Badrinath Temple, and spent a night at Hotel.

There are four places in the Char Dham Yatra package, and Badrinath is one of the holy temples located in Chamoli, Uttarakhand. I went to Badrinath and found how peaceful and beautiful this Char Dham pilgrimage of Hindu devotees was. The surrounding mountains were so stunning that I fought with my mind to come back from Badrinath.


I started my day 6 early in the morning, and after the Darshan of Badrinath, I traveled to Rudraprayag and stayed there overnight. Rudraprayag is the holy place where the two rivers Mandakini and river Alaknanda meet. This place has two famous temples, Rudranath and Chamunda Devi and Koteshwar.


Early in the morning, I traveled to Rishikesh, and along the route, I visited Devprayag Sangam. Then in the Rishikesh, from my Char Dham Yatra package, I explored the most beautiful place of my last destination - Laxman Jhula and enjoyed the scenic beauty of the hills, the greenery, and the Holy Ganga.

On the same day, I left Rishikesh and came back to my city Delhi via bus.


Kedarnath Badrinath Yatra - Visual Highlights

  • I covered my Badrinath and Kedarnath Yatra by bus, thanks to SuperbMyTrip Do Dham Yatra Package. I felt the bliss of the holy spirit in all the cities of the Badrinath and Kedarnath route.

  • Haridwar is a beautiful place. Temples near Ganga Ghat lighten up your mood with the joyful fragrance of flowers and sticks. Lighting lamps in the Ganga river at the time of Ganga Aarti at night gives as the stars are swimming in the Ganges river.

  • Kedarnath and holy Sonprayag were beautifully surrounded by lofty Himalayan Peaks.

  • On my way to Badrinath Temple, I visited some beautiful cultural villages like Mana Village, Byas Gufa, Bheem Pul, Saraswati River, and Ganesh Temple.

  • Badrinath and Kedarnath Yatra gave me peace of mind and divine blessings.

If you also want to go on Badrinath and Kedarnath Yatra, then do not think much, and this will be the best trip of your life. This time is the best time to visit both these places. I will suggest that you spend this summer on the journey of Badrinath and Kedarnath. 

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